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Abigail Lipson
Academic Resilience Consortium
Abigail Hansen, M.S. Ed, Higher Education (in progress)
M.S. Education, Higher Education Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
Adina Glickman, MSW
NA, No affiliation
Aimee Eppel
TEst, University of Toronto
Allie Aimone, Bachelors
Marketing Lead, No affiliation
Amanda Niskode-Dossett
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Amber Douglas
Mount Holyoke College
Amber Thompson, M.Ed.
Program Manager for Academic Resiliency, Baylor University
Amy Faust
Franklin and Marshall College
Andrea Mills
Lipscomb University
Andrea Gerke, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Purdue University-Main Campus
Andrea Clemons, MAIS
Director, Florida Gulf Coast University
Angela Mitchell
Northwestern University
Ashley Hufnagle
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Ashley Gragido
Student Success Facilitator/ Lecturer, My school or institution does not appear on this list
Ashley Herr-Perrin
Program Director , Wilmington University
Audrey Roderick
test, Aaniiih Nakoda College
Benjamin Schoenberg, Masters
Research Services Coordinator, East Tennessee State University
Brette Stephenson, Master's
Counseling Services Crisis Coordinator, Boise State University
Carl Krieger, PhD
Director of Residential Education, Purdue University-Main Campus
Caroline Umeda
Dominican University of California
Caroline Toscano, PhD
Instructional Designer, Century College
Catherine Heilferty
University of Delaware
Chad Jankowski
University of Toronto
Chantell Link
Director, Persistence, Western Governors University
Charles Morse, Masters in Counseling
Associate Dean/Director of Counseling, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Cheryl H. Herzog, MAT
Educational leadership Coach/Teacher Development Consultant, No affiliation
Christie Moreno, doctoral student
Associate Managing Director of Interprofessional Education, Abilene Christian University
Christina Williams, Masters Degree/ working on doctorate
Associate Director of Student Access & support Services, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Crystal Leming, MA
Director of Counseling Services, Baker University
Dana Carsley, PhD
Associate Director - Resilience and Wellness Enhancement, My school or institution does not appear on this list
Dannie Woods, Masters
Dean of Student Wellbeing, Lipscomb University
Dawn Wojtkiewicz Hudzinski, MSN
Student, Nova Southeastern University
Deborah Hughes
Duke University
Deborah Hughes, Ph.D.
Senior Academic Guide, Duke University
Debra Ainbinder, PHD
Associate Dean, Lynn University
Deena Shaffer
Ryerson University
Delaney Anderson
Student, University of Maryland-Baltimore
Diana Brecher
Ryerson University
Eileen Camfield, Ed.D.
Teaching Professor, University of California-Merced
Elizabeth Cracco, Ph.D.
Asst. Vice Chancellor of Wellbeing and Community Life, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
ellis mimms
Director of Academic Support, Xavier University of Louisiana
Emily Peeler
New York University
Erika Richards
Academic and Professional Development Manager, Brigham Young University-Provo
Estefania Toledo
PhD Student
Gabriel Angrand, M.S.Ed.
STEM Learning Speicalist, University of Pennsylvania
George Daniel
The University of Tennessee-Martin
Gwynn Benner
University of California, Santa Cruz
Heather Servaty-Seib
Purdue University-Main Campus
Helen Mach
University of Delaware
Helen Mach, Ph.D.
Professional Writing Tutor, Thomas Jefferson University
Helja Antola Crowe
Bradley University
Heljä Antola Crowe, PhD
Professor, Bradley University
Hugo Faria, M.A.
Student, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Jacqueline Pelletier, Master's
Student Support Specialist, Boston University
James Campbell
Providence College
James Dyksen, Masters
Director, Academic Support Services, Office of Student Affairs, Thomas Jefferson University
Jana Whitney, Master's degree
Associate Director
Jane Holahan, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Weingarten Center, University of Pennsylvania
Janet Sand
Jasmine Howe, MA
Academic Resource Center Director and Disability Coordinator, Lincoln Christian University
Jen Bokaer-Smith
Senior Associate Director, Cornell University
Jennifer Ross, Masters Degree
Learning Specialist, My school or institution does not appear on this list
Jenny Steiner
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Jessica Bacal
Smith College
Jessica Gifford, MSW
Founder and CEO, Well Student, No affiliation
jim helling, MSW
Instructor, My school or institution does not appear on this list
Jocelyn Clippinger
Director of Student Success, Messiah College
John Turner, DMA
Associate Professor of Music, High Point University
John Hannah
Director, University of Toronto
John Rosenberg, PhD
Associate Academic Vice President, Brigham Young University-Provo
jonathan cook, j.d.
academic and professional development manager, Brigham Young University-Provo
Jordan Rogers
University of North Texas
Jose Plascencia
CSM, No affiliation
Josh Eyler
Director of Faculty Development, University of Mississippi
Juan Sarmiento, Masters
Educational Scientist, New York University
Judit Torok
Pratt Institute-Main
Julia Mani
Brandeis University
Julia Reed, Master of Social Work
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, University of Central Oklahoma
Julie Lee
Brown University
Julie Bean, Doctoral - June 2021
Dean of Admission, Wilkes University
Julie Lee, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of the College, Brown University
Karen Oehme
Florida State University
Karen Colvin, Masters of Art Guidance and Counseling
Assistant Director of Retention Initiatives/ LPC-S, Louisiana Tech University
Kate Bowers, Bachelors
Learning Strategist, University of Toronto
Kathy Francis
Frederick Community College
Katie Clare
George Mason University
Katie Vise, MS
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Specialiast, McLennan Community College
Kay Angrove
Sam Houston State University
Kay C Dee
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Kelly Higgins
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
Kelly Klug
Coordinator of Grants Development, Central Carolina Community College
Kim Barberich, Masters of Education
Executive Director, Rider University
Kimberly Bethea
Duke University
Kris Lambert
Point Loma Nazarene University
Kristen J. Mills, PhD
Assistant Professor, Ohio State University-Main Campus
Kristine Manwaring
Brigham Young University-Provo
Laura Johnson, PhD
Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Advising, Boston University
Laura Patey, M.Ed.
Dean for Academic Advancement, Wesleyan University
Leslie Sukup
Ferris State University
Lisa Parkinson, PhD
Academic & Career Advisor, Brigham Young University-Provo
Lourdes Aleman, PhD
Associate Director for Teaching and Learning , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Margaret Mbindyo
Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Mary O'Keeffe, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Providence College
Mary Pascarella, Masters
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions, Sam Houston State University
Maura Conley, MFA
Learning Designer, Pratt Institute-Main
Maureen Freed
University of Oxford, 3 Worcester Street, Oxford OX12BX
Maureen McLaughlin, MBA
Doctoral Student, Endicott College
Meena Naik
University of North Texas
Meg Foster, Master's
Instructor, Piedmont Virginia Community College
Megan Kennedy
University of Washington-Seattle Campus
Melissa Ladenheim
University of Maine
Miguel Ovies-Bocanegra, Masters
Assistant Director, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Monique Jackson-Dickens, Masters Degree
Assistant Principal
Myrna Cohen
University of Pennsylvania
Natalie Murray
Western Governors University
Natalie Murray
Vice President, Student Experience, Western Governors University
Nia DeYounge
Bentley University
Nic Voge
Princeton University
Nikita Gupta, Master's
Resilience Educator , University of California-Santa Cruz
Nikki Measor
Student, Gonzaga University
Patrick Cooper, PHD
Associate Professor of Psychology, Lynn University
Paul Furtaw, Doctorate (PsyD)
Clinical Psychologist, Rowan University
Rachel Pauletti, PHD
Associate Professor of Psychology, Lynn University
Rahul Bhat
University of Toronto
Ralph Piper
Morgan State University
Randi Bibins-Clark, MS-Social Work, MA-Teaching
Associate Director od Academic Success, Creighton University
Rashmi Kumar
University of Pennsylvania
Rhonda Schaller
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Visiting Associate Professor, Pratt Institute-Main
Richard Brito, Masters
Graduate Assistant and Sub-Investigator, Florida State University
Robert Friedman
Robert Daniel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Saint Joseph's University
Roberta Rogers, MA
Director, Student Success and Retention, Trinity College
Ryan Miller
University of Pennsylvania
Samantha Kramer
Director, University of Central Oklahoma
Samantha Harvey, MA
Professional Development Specialist, Pratt Institute-Main
Samantha Conway, MA Social Work
Senior Program Coordinator, Health Promotion and Wellness, Northwestern University
Samantha Tackett, Ph.D.
Proactive Referral & Engagement, Program Coordinator
Sara Solloway
University of San Francisco
Sarah Garibova, PhD
Assistant Director for Outreach, Boston University
Sarah Niles, Masters
Academic Advisor, Boston University
Sarah Dionne, MSW
Director, Counseling Center and Wellness Education, Merrimack College
Student, University of Nevada-Reno
Sheilagh Grills
Brandon University
Shelly Lear
Washington & Jefferson College
Sherami Jara, Masters
Assistant Dean, Brigham Young University-Provo
Silvia Zamudio
California State University-Fullerton
Simon Cassidy
University of Salford
Sinda Vanderpool
Baylor University
Stefanie Chambers, PhD
Professor & Chair, Trinity College
Susan Edwards, MEd
PhD in Education Student, Lesley University
Swathi Prabhu
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Tammy Rhodes, Masters
Director, First Year Experience, University of North Alabama
Tara Riddell, MD, FRCPC
Psychiatrist, Wellness Lead, McMaster University
Taryn Andrea, Master of Science
Academic Advisor, Boston University
Tayyab Rashid, Ph.D
Psychologist, University of Toronto
TIm Hebson
The University of Alabama
Timothy Kalliomaa, Masters
Senior Academic Advisor/Data Analyst , California State University-Long Beach
Tory Cutting
Gonzaga University
Tyheem Cooper
Indiana State University
Tyler Rollins
American River College
Valerie Bagley, Master of Education
Coordinator, Student Support, Science and Math and part-time lecturerer, California State University-Long Beach
Vera Romano
Director - Student Wellness Hub, My school or institution does not appear on this list
Victoria McGovern, PhD
Senior Program Officer
W Hammock, Msters
Director, Brigham Young University-Provo
Wallace Dixon, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor, East Tennessee State University
Wendy Giuliano
Rochester Institute of Technology

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