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Abby Goldstein
University of Toronto
Abigail Lipson
Academic Resilience Consortium
Abigail Hansen, M.S. Ed, Higher Education (in progress)
M.S. Education, Higher Education Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
Adina Glickman, MSW
NA, No affiliation
Agnes Hsin
University of Toronto
Aiden Powell
Purdue University-Main Campus
Aletha Williams, Master's of Science
College Life Coach, Florida State University
Alisa Parmer, MSHS, MBA
Student Success Advisor/Education Specialist, College of Saint Mary
Allison DuLac, Masters
Academic Coach
Allison Theis
Social Worker, Boston University
Allison Farrell, masters degree
First-year class dean
Almaz Mesghina
Professor, Northwestern University
Alysia Roehrig, PhD
Professor, Department Chair, Florida State University
Amanda Christopher, Master's of Science
Amber Douglas
Mount Holyoke College
Andrea Gerke, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Purdue University-Main Campus
Andrea Clemons, MAIS
Director, Florida Gulf Coast University
Angela Lindner, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, University of Florida
Angela Mitchell, MA Social Work
Director, Health Promotion and Wellness
Anne Mejia-Downs, PhD
Associate Professor, College of Saint Mary
Anne Dillard, Doctor
Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Anne Kearney
Dean for Student Wellbeing
Anne O'Connell, Graduate
Academic Advisor, Boston University
Anthony Kurza, Bachelor
College Life Coach, Florida State University
Ashlei Ainsworth, MBA
Administrative Assistant
Ashley Hufnagle
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Ashley Herr-Perrin
Program Director , Wilmington University
Ashley Gragido
Associate Director of Student Success and Academic Resiliency
Ashley Vaughn, Master of Arts
Senior Academic Advisor
Audrey Roderick
test, Aaniiih Nakoda College
Beth McCuskey, Doctor of Education
Vice Provost for Student Life, Purdue University-Main Campus
Beth Merkel, PhD
Director MS in Organizational Leadership, College of Saint Mary
Beverly Dede, PhD
Program Director and Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Borislava Miltcheva, MA
Assistant Director, Northwestern University
Brandon Saridjo, Masters (Currently Completing)
Graduate Program Assistant
Brenda Fahy, MD
Professor, University of Florida
Brenda Legaspi, MSW
Assistant Teaching Professor, Florida State University
Brette Stephenson, Master's
Counseling Services Crisis Coordinator, Boise State University
Brittney Dixon, PhD
Director and Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Caitlin Cates, Masters of Social Work Degree
Program Coordinator, Florida State University
Candice Morgan, Masters Degree
Director of Student Accessibility Resources
Carolina Saenz-Failach, MAE
Academic Advisor, University of Florida
Caroline Umeda
Dominican University of California
Carolyn Thurston, Masters
Director of Academic Success & Dispute Resolution
Catalin Voiniciuc
Associate Professor, University of Florida
Catherine Zhang
Assistant Director of First-Year Success, Boston University
Cathy Raynis Meeker
Pace University
Cathy Raynis Meeker, PhD
Associate Director, First Year Experience, Pace University
Chad Jankowski
Manager, High Risk, Faculty Support & Mental Health, University of Toronto
Chamille Lescott, PhD
Assistant Professor of Instruction, Northwestern University
Charmane Glenn, Masters
Cheryl Gater, Doctorate
Assistant Provost and Director, University of Florida
Chiara Fuller, Bachelor’s
Dependency Case Manager
Chris Robertson, Masters
Director of Student Retention
Christa Brahler, Masters
Leader for FYRST Seminar and Peer Leader Program
Christina Williams, Masters Degree/ working on doctorate
Associate Director of Student Access & support Services, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Christine Myers, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor and Program Director, University of Florida
Courtney Joly-Lowdermilk
Boston University
Da’Zah Hobson
Student, Florida State University
Dailie Todd, Master's
Student Success Manager
Dana Zahorik, Doctorate
Manager of Advising Services
Daniella Pinard
BSW Student, Florida State University
Darby Scott, J.D.
Clinical Professor, Florida State University
Daynica Harley
Clinical Professor, Florida State University
Deanna Baker, EdM
Assistant Director, Academic Advising, Boston University
Debra Ainbinder, PHD
Associate Dean, Lynn University
Diane Heislein, DPT
Program Director, Boston University
Eileen Camfield, Ed.D.
Teaching Professor, University of California-Merced
Elizabeth Vassallo, M Ed
Director of undergraduate Student Services, Boston University
Elizabeth Trubey, PhD
Assistant Dean, Northwestern University
Ellen Truchon, MS
Sr. Academic Program Specialist, Florida State University
Ellyn Kerr
University of Toronto
Enku Gelaye, JD
Senior Vice President and Dean of Campus Life
Eric Foster, Masters
Doctoral Student
Erika Ljungdahl
Assistant Director, Boston University
Estefania Toledo
PhD Student
George Daniel
The University of Tennessee-Martin
Hannah Cronic
Victim Advocate, Florida State University
Heather Nelson
Learning Strategist, Partnership and Community, University of Toronto
Heather Stitely, Masters
Community Coordinator, Florida State University
Heather McAuslane, PhD
Professor, University of Florida
Heidi Horwitz, OTD
Clinical Assistant Professor and Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, University of Florida
Holly Hunt, Masters
Associate Director, Florida State University
Hugo Faria, M.A.
Student, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Jacqueline Pelletier, Master's
Student Support Specialist, Boston University
Jana Whitney, Master's degree
Associate Director
Janelle Garcia, PhD
Associate Director, University of Florida
Jasmine Cuffie
Coordinator of Health Education and Promotion, Pratt Institute-Main
Jason Campbell-Foster, Doctor of Education
Senior Associate Dean of Students, Boston University
Jaya Kolli, MD
Dr, University of Florida
Jaymee Spannring
Florida State University
Jeff Citty, Doctorate
Director, Innovation Academy, University of Florida
Jen Bokaer-Smith
Senior Associate Director, Cornell University
Jenna Wargo, Masters
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising, Purdue University-Main Campus
Jennifer Ross, Masters Degree
Learning Specialist, My school or institution does not appear on this list
Jennifer Granquist, Masters
Senior Staff Clinician, Urgent Care Specialist
Jennifer Healey
master's degree student
Jennifer Kennymore, MPH
Health Promotion Specialist, University of Florida
Jennifer McNabb, Master's Degree
Director of Project Connect
Jessica Bacal
Smith College
Jessica Gifford, MSW
Founder and CEO, Well Student, No affiliation
Jessica Preston, Masters
Operations Manager, Pratt Institute-Main
John Hannah
Director, Academic Success, University of Toronto
John Turner, DMA
Associate Professor of Music, High Point University
John Combs
Career Liaison, Florida State University
Jonah Neville
Health Promotion Specialist, University of Florida
Jose Plascencia
CSM, No affiliation
Josh Eyler
Director of Faculty Development, University of Mississippi
Judit Torok
Pratt Institute-Main
Juliana Dodd, PhD
Licensed Psychologist (Senior Staff Clinician)
Julie Lee
Brown University
Julie Fischer-Kinney, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost for Student Success and Retention, My school or institution does not appear on this list
Jung Kim
RA, Florida State University
Kara Casy, PhD
Lecturer, University of Florida
Karen Oehme
Florida State University
Karen Higgs, Masters in Education
Senior Advising Officer/Assistant Director
Kasthuri Paramalingam
University of Toronto
Kate Bowers
Learning Strategist, Resilience Focus, University of Toronto
Kathy Francis
Frederick Community College
Katy Collins
Director of Student Outreach & Engagement, Boston University
Kay Angrove, Doctorate
Dr. Kay Angrove
Kay C Dee
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Kayla Caldwell, BS
Operations Analyst, Florida State University
Kaylie Towles, Master's of Science
Academic Coach
Kelly Gordon, Masters
Coordinator, Programs & Strategic Initiatives, University of Toronto
Kelly Dillon, MA
Ms., Florida State University
Kelly Smith
Kianna Simmons, Bachelors Degree
Academic Advisor II, University of Florida
Kim Holton, Ph.D.
Instructional Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Kim Barberich, Masters of Education
Executive Director, Rider University
Kimberly Bethea, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Student Success
Kimberly McClellan, MS
Academic Coordinator, Florida State University
Kris Lambert, PhD
Kristen Vellinga, Bachelors
Administrative Coordinator, Undergraduate Advising, Boston University
Kristen J. Mills, PhD
Assistant Professor, Ohio State University-Main Campus
Kristy Spear
Ast Director for Honors Experiential Learning, University of Florida
Lakesha Brown, Masters
Project Director, Florida State University
Larry Forthun, Ph.D.
Associate Chair & Associate Professor, University of Florida
Laura Johnson, PhD
Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Advising, Boston University
Laura Patey, M.Ed.
Dean for Academic Advancement, Wesleyan University
Laura Dedenbach, Ph.D.
Instructional Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Laura Cummings, M.Ed.
Assistant Director
Lauren Oe, Master's
Senior Associate Dean of Students
Lauren McCurdy
Health Promotion Specialist, University of Florida
Leigh McLain, Master's
TLR Coordinator
Leslie Sukup, DBA
Lindsay Kennedy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Lisa Parkinson, PhD
Academic & Career Advisor, Brigham Young University-Provo
Lisa Edgar, JD
Professor, University of Florida
Lisa Haag, MFA
Learning Center Specialist/Adjunct Instructor
Lisa Loar, Ed.D
Director of the Center for Care & Resilience
Liz Katz, M.Ed.
Assistant Director, Boston University
Lourdes Aleman, PhD
Associate Director of Teaching & Learning
Luojun Yang
PhD candidate
Lyndi Bradley
Program Manager, My school or institution does not appear on this list
M Elaine Richardson, PhD
Professor Emerita
M. Damm, Master's
Assistant Director, Boston University
M. Isabel Dominguez
Boston University
Mabel Almanzar, MPH+ MBA
Academic Advisor, Pace University
Mackenzie Adriance
Professional Development and Work Life Specialist, Pratt Institute-Main
Madison Murphy
Student Services Coordinator, Disability & Access Services, Boston University
Mandy Bridges
Example, Purdue University-Main Campus
Mandy Marquardt
Academic Advisor, Purdue University-Main Campus
Margaret Mbindyo
Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Margaret Simon, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate, University of Florida
Maria Erb, Master of Education
Director, Boston University
Mariesa Cruz-Tillery, Ph.D.
Associate Director and DEI Specialist, Counseling Center, Pace University
Marina Micari
Director, Academic Support & Learning Advancement, Northwestern University
Mark Sand, Ph. D.
Professor, College of Saint Mary
Mark Wentzel, MPA
Chief Academic Advisor
Mary Schlueter, Bachelor
Director, Student Support Services, College of Saint Mary
Mary Kay Carodine, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President for Student Life, University of Florida
Maura Conley, MFA
Learning Designer, Pratt Institute-Main
Megan Kennedy, MA
Director, Resilience Lab, My school or institution does not appear on this list
Melanie Felton, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, College of Saint Mary
Melisa Santizo, Bachelor of Arts
Academic Resource Counselor, Boston University
Melissa Mayor, Masters of Arts in Teaching Reading
Freshman Academic Advisor and Learning Specialist
Melissa Turley, PharmD
Associate Program Director, University of Florida
Melissa Goethals
Assistant Director Career Services, Northwestern University
Mengyu Li, Ph.D.
Instructional Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Merina Cameron
Training Specialist
Mia Hines, M.Ed.
Academic Advisor
Michelle Lang, DBA
IR Analyst
Michelle MacLeod, Master of Arts
Academic Advisor, Pratt Institute-Main
Michelle Crozier, PhD
Mindy Barna, EdD
Associate Dean for Health Professions, My school or institution does not appear on this list
Monica Webb
Monica Lee
Exam Coordinator, Pratt Institute-Main
Monika Ardelt, PhD
Professor of Sociology, University of Florida
Monique Jackson-Dickens, Masters Degree
Assistant Principal
My'Chael Willis, M.Ed
Professional Academic Advisor
Myrna Cohen
University of Pennsylvania
Mysheka Brown, Bachelor's Degree
College Life Coach, Florida State University
Nathan Brewer, PhD
Director, Boston University
Nic Voge
Princeton University
Nichole Jefferson, B.S.
Academic Advisor
Nikki Measor
Student, Gonzaga University
Omid Fotuhi, PhD
Director of Learning & Innovation
Omid Fotuhi
University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus
Pam Humphrey, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, College of Saint Mary
Parisa Zarreii, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Patrick Cooper, PHD
Associate Professor of Psychology, Lynn University
Paul Furtaw, Doctorate (PsyD)
Clinical Psychologist, Rowan University
Phyllis Watson, MBA
Punita Lumb
University of Toronto
Rachel Pauletti, PHD
Associate Professor of Psychology, Lynn University
Rahul Bhat
Resilience Program Lead, University of Toronto
Research Scholar
Randi Wright, LMSW
LCSW-S, BSW Program Director, Clinical Instructor
Rebecca Block, Masters
Health Educator
Regan Garner
Associate Director, Honors Program, University of Florida
Reggie Jean, MA
Rhonda Schaller, Masters
Assistant Vice President for Resilience, Wellness and Well-being, Pratt Institute-Main
Robert Friedman
Robert Daniel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Roberta Rogers, MA
Director, Retention Strategy and Transition Programs
Robyn Tapley, Doctorate
Director of Student Counseling Center
Rosa B Ament
Pace University
Roselind Brown, Masters
Assistant Director, University of Florida
Sam Conway, MA Social Work
Assistant Director, Mental Health Promotion, Northwestern University
Samantha Tackett, Ph.D.
Proactive Referral & Engagement, Program Coordinator
Samantha Harvey, Masters
Professional Development and Resilience Specialist, Pratt Institute-Main
Sarah Niles, Masters
Academic Advisor, Boston University
Sarah Lee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior & Management
Sarah Bank, Master's Degree
Enrollment Management Officer, Florida State University
Shannon Gribben
Associate Director, Advisement, Pace University
Shannon Barry, Masters
Department Administrator, Boston University
Shanteva Leonard, Masters
Coordinator, Career Development Services
Student, University of Nevada-Reno
Shaun Boren, EdD
Director, Student Life Assessment & Research, University of Florida
Sheilagh Grills, MA
Learning Skills Specialist
Shuji Otsuka, Master's
Program Manager, Northwestern University
Silvia Zamudio
California State University-Fullerton
Silvia Valisa, PhD
Associate Professor, Florida State University
Siriphorn Na Nakorn, Master of Nursing Science
Ph.D. Nursing candidate
Staci Wilson, Master's Degree
Executive Director, Office of Learning Support
Stefane Raulerson, Ed. D.
Stephanie Cisneros, Master's
International Student Advisor, Northwestern University
Stephen Mullens, M.S.
Assistant Instructional Professor, University of Florida
Susan Edwards, MEd
PhD in Education Student, Lesley University
Susan Andersen, EdD
Advising & Retention Specialist
Suzanne Murphy
Instructional Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Sylvain Dore, PhD
Professor of Anesthesiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Pharmaceutics, and Neuroscience, University of Florida
Tai Cole, MSW
Program Manager, Florida State University
Tammy Loew
Purdue University-Main Campus
Tayyab Rashid, Ph.D
Psychologist, University of Toronto
Thao Jinwright, Masters
Clinical Assistant Professor, Physician Assistant, University of Florida
Theresa Aguiar, Bachelors Degree
Administrative Assistant
Tonya Gardner, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor of Counseling and Psychology, QEP Director, Director of Student Success Program
Tory Cutting
Gonzaga University
Tram-Anh Tran, Bachelors
Student, Florida State University
Tyheem Cooper
Indiana State University
Valerie Bagley, M.Ed.
Coordinator, Student Support and Lecturer
Valerie Wolf, MS
Program Manager, Northwestern University
Victoria McGovern, PhD
Senior Program Officer
Victoria Verano, MSW
Teaching Professor, Florida State University
W Hammock, Msters
Director, Brigham Young University-Provo
Wallace Dixon, Ph.D Psychology
Wendy Roberson, Master's Degree
Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Will Evans
Purdue University-Main Campus
Wuriyeti Litip
academic advisor
Yen Nguyen, Master
PhD Candidate
Yuchuan Fan, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Associate, University of Florida
Ziynet Boz
Assistant Professor, University of Florida

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