A Message from the ARC Directors


The Academic Resilience Consortium (ARC) is a collaborative community dedicated to promoting academic resilience in higher education, to help college students learn, grow, and reach their goals. The faculty, staff, and students of the ARC represent the wide range of campus functions in higher education, including learning services, counseling services, advising programs, academic departments, campus life, and bridge programs, among others.

The ARC itself is a learning community. We are all in this work together: improving higher education, advancing our respective fields, and promoting college student success. As your ARC co-directors, we welcome your participation, questions, and feedback, and look forward to working and learning with you.

Adina Glickman, Co-Director

Adina received her BA in Music from Reed College and her M.S.W. from New York University. She is the retired Director of Learning Strategy Programs at Stanford University, where she oversaw academic support services and founded the university’s Resilience Project. In her private practice, adinaglickman.com, she is a Professional Certified Coach, helping students from diverse backgrounds to thrive in college. As an educational consultant, Adina works with colleges and universities to help them develop resilience initiatives and other academic skills resources.

Abigail Lipson, Co-Director

Abigail received her BA in Educational Psychology from Hampshire College, her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Duke University, and held postdoctoral fellowships at Harvard University and NIMH/UMass. She is the retired Director of the Bureau of Study Counsel at Harvard University, where she oversaw learning support services and the BSC’s Success-Failure Project. She has published and presented widely in the fields of education and psychology, with particular interests in learning and teaching; academic resilience; and the relationships between motivation, achievement, and creativity.

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Dear ARC Friends and Colleagues,

All of us have been affected, personally and professionally, by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as well as the heightened awareness and activism emerging in the US and around the world in response to incidents of racism and violence. These are times that call for extraordinary resilience on the part of our students, ourselves, our institutions, and our society.

The Academic Resilience Consortium stands with Black Lives Matter to oppose systemic racism, to grieve for victims of racial violence and police brutality, and to achieve justice and equity.

We send you courage and hope as we all navigate these waters, engage our resilience, and create new ways to care for ourselves and others.

- Abigail, Adina, Myrna, and Nic
ARC Steering Committee