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Upcoming Conference

2024 ARC Conference: Reach for Resilience

The Academic Resilience Consortium is excited to host the 2024 Conference in collaboration with Winston-Salem State University from April 3rd to 5th. Over 15 presentations will be offered, including a keynote presentation by Dr. Luana Marques titled Boldly Go: Transforming Anxiety into Academic Success.

Conference Details
Winston-Salem State University, 601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27110.

When: Wednesday April 3rd, 2 PM – Friday April 5th, 12 PM EDT

Who: Anyone! People passionate about Resilience, Higher Education, or Dr. Luana!

Details and updates will continue to be provided via ARC’s InstagramLinkedIn and Website.

The conference schedule can be found at the registration link here.




Past Conferences

2022 ARC Conference: A More Resilient Future

The Academic Resilience Consortium (ARC) hosted a vibrant international conference at Florida State University that promoted academic resilience in higher education. With over 20 presenters from diverse colleges and organizations, this was an exciting opportunity to expand knowledge, share ideas, and engage in creative networking. Browse the details below:

Event Photo Gallery

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2021 Symposium on Academic Resilience in Higher Education

The Symposium on Academic Resilience in Higher Education brings together participants from a diversity of roles in higher education to share ideas, have conversations, and learn from one another in ways that forward our work and promote academic resilience.

The symposium is designed to surface and explore questions such as:

  • How do we define resilience, particularly academic resilience?
  • How do we understand resilience in the context of diverse identities and experiences?
  • How do we assess and promote resilience?
  • How do different perspectives from academic and student affairs approach and support students in developing resilience?
  • What are we doing on our campuses to support student resilience?




Academic Resilience: A “What Works” Showcase

March 25 – March 26, 2021
11:00am – 5:00 pm (Eastern)





2018 Symposium on Academic Resilience in Higher Education



Please log in to access the materials below

The Stepped-Care Philosophy for Promoting Resilience In and Out of Clinical Settings Justin Jacques, George Washington University

Resilience Consultations with the UAB Honors College: Results, Themes & Implications
Sarah Connor, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

“This Is Me”; Music Video from the Carleton Phoenix Project
Nate Page, Carleton College

Connecting Life and Learning: Designing Courses to Address Well-Being
Mindy McWilliams, Georgetown University

A Brief Mindfulness Intervention for Doctor of Physical Therapy Students
Heidi Freeman, University of the Sciences

Adulting is Hard: Design and Implementation of a Social Norms Poster Campaign for Student Resilience
Janie Egan, Temple University

Can We Build Resilience in Students without Building Coping Skills First?
Emily Forte, Saint Joseph’s University

Using Self-Reflection and Values Affirmation to Enhance Student Resilience
Jen Bokaer-Smith, Cornell University

Resilience in Action at the University of Toronto
Chad Jankowski, University of Toronto

Building Resilience in College Students Using Mindfulness-Based Interventions
Marilia Marien, University of Pennsylvania

The Student Resilience and Well-Being Project: A Four-Institution Research/Practice Partnership
Molly Weeks, Duke University

What Needs to Be Difficult and Why? A Critical Study of How Undergraduate Resilience Might be Supported and Undermined at an Institutional and Individual Level
Lydia Bleasdale, University of Leeds

Strengths-Based Resilience: An Intervention to Cultivate Resilience in Post-Secondary Settings
Tayyab Rashid, University of Toronto Scarborough UTSC

Building Self Compassion as a Foundation for Psychological Resilience
Amy Honigman, University of California at Berkeley

An Integrative Approach: Infusing Resilience into Curricular and Co-curricular Spaces Across Campus
Anne Browning, University of Washington

Building a PATH – An Integrated Tool for Developing the Skills for Peak Performance
Joseph Holtgreive, Northwestern University

The Student Support Crew- A Program for Resilience and Retention After Academic Probation
Ismaa Al Aloul, American University of Sharjah

“I Never Lose”: Key Performance Psychology Concepts & Coaching Techniques for Academic Resilience
Paul Furtaw

The Power of Student Stories: Developing a Campus-wide Resilience Program
Julia Mani, Brandeis University

“It Made My Story Feel Important”: Digital Storytelling as a Resilience-Building Intervention
Jessica Bacal, Smith College

“I am still here”: Collecting Narratives Around Resilience for Underrepresented Student Populations”
Brian Cuzzolina, Haverford College

CareerWISE: An Online Resilience Training Program for Graduate Women in Science and Engineering
Bianca Bernstein, Arizona State University

The FSU Student Resilience Project: Interactive Online Training on Trauma and Resilience Skills
Karen Oehme, Florida State University

Promoting Resilience in Student Veterans through a Veterans PSY 101 Course and a Mindfulness Retreat
Deborah Greenspan, Montgomery County Community College

Happiness Hygiene: A Workshop to Enhance Student Flourishing and Resilience
Julian Wright, The University of the South

Student Success, Persistence, and Resiliency: Mentoring College Students at Risk
Liz Prince, University of Georgia

Investigating Parenting Style and College Student Grit: Beyond Resilience
Kelly Dunn, Johnson & Wales University

Developing our Own Resilience to Perfectionism and Shame as Faculty and Staff Members
Nate Page, Carleton College

Resilience Interventions for University Students: Surveying the Research Landscape
Caroline Umeda, Dominican University

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