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Welcome to the Resource Library!

Welcome to the Library, a trove of links to resilience-related programs, research, handouts, workshops, essays, etc., collated by ARC members. The full Library of over 65 links is available only to logged-in ARC members, but below are a few featured resources.

Featured Resources

The Strength-Based Resilience program, grounded in the tenets of Positive Psychology, includes 14 modules on topics such as cognitive flexibility, character strengths, empathy, positive relationships and meaning and purpose.

Tayyab Rashid, Ph.D., author of the Strength-Based Resilience program, is a licensed clinical psychologist and researcher at the Health & Wellness Centre, University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), Canada. Dr. Rashid’s interests include positive interventions toward personal and professional growth and engagement, resilience, the search for meaning and strategies for doing the right thing both individually and collectively.

The Narratives Project leads cohort programs to help students explore identity and find resilience in community. Dozens of “What is Your Story?” videos have emerged from these programs. Dr. Bacal also teaches a course called “Designing Your Path,” which helps students reflect on questions such as: What is your story? Where have you been and where are you going? What matters to you? What skills do you need to pursue what matters?

Jessica Bacal, Ed.D., is Director of Reflective and Integrative Practices and of The Narratives Project at Smith College. Dr. Bacal edited Mistakes I Made at Work: 25 Influential Women Reflect on What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong (2014) and The Rejection That Changed My Life: 25+ Powerful Women on Being Let Down, Turning It Around, and Burning It Up at Work (2021).

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