Private and group lessons are available. Weekend clinics and golf school programs are scheduled throughout the year. There are even programs and events designed for families that enjoy playing together.


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Chris Aiken
Associate Professor, Dance, Smith College, [email protected]

Ismaa Al Aloul
Senior Academic Advisor, Academic Support Center, American University of Sharjah, [email protected]

Kristin Alberts
Director, Student Counseling Center, Jacksonville University, [email protected]

Claudette Aldebot
Associate Director of Bard Educational Opportunity Programs, Bard Educational Opportunity Programs, Bard College, [email protected]

Mandy Aldridge
Academic Advisor/Adjunct Instructor, Student Services/Academics, Sauk Valley Community College,  [email protected]

Judith Alfano
Psychological Counselor, Counseling and Psychological Services, Monmouth University, [email protected]

Noor Alshalal 
Academic Advisor, International Center, North Lake College, [email protected]

Rosa Ament
Director of Counseling Services, Pace University, Pace University, [email protected]

Andrew Anastasia
Assistant Professor, English, Harper College, [email protected]

Brett Anderson
Teaching Fellow, Psychology, Stanford University, [email protected]

Peter Anderson
Vice President for Instruction and Student Services, Instruction and Student Services, New River Community College, [email protected]

Kay Angrove
Director, Academic Affairs: First-Year Experience & Student Success, Sam Houston State University, [email protected]

Helja Antola Crowe
Professor of Teacher Education and Executive Director, Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning, Bradley University, [email protected] 

Melinda Aquino
Associate Dean of Multicultural Affairs, Columbia University, [email protected]

Bruce Arnold
Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Studies, The Ohio State University, [email protected]

Jessica Bacal
Director, The Narratives Project, Smith College, [email protected] 

Anthony Back
Professor of Oncology and Medicine and an Adjunct Professor of Bioethics and Humanities, University of Washington, [email protected]

Josh Bacon
Dean of Students, Dean of Students Office, James Madison University, [email protected]

Phenix Badmus
Executive Director, Center for Academic Achievement, La Salle University, [email protected]

Heidi Bagley
Counselor, Student Services, Lake Superior College, [email protected]

Shirley Baker
Director of Academic Advising and Dean of First Year Experience, Office of Academic Advising, Manhattanville College, [email protected]

P. Balaje
Assistant Professor, Erode Arts and Science College, India, [email protected]

Eric Baldwin
Dean of Student Well-being & Healthy Living, Student Development, Gonzaga University, [email protected]

Anna Barone
Director, Student Care & Advocacy, Student Affairs, Pennsylvania State University, [email protected]

Suzanne Bartels
Director of Hege Library and Learning Technologies, Guilford College, [email protected]

Neha Basti
Undergraduate Student, Health Promotion and Wellness, Northwestern University, [email protected]

Sarah Beasley
VP of Student Affairs & Dean of Students, Student Affairs, Concord University, [email protected]

Susan Beddes
Academic and Career Coach, Fitchburg State University, [email protected]

Jennifer Bekki
Assistant Professor, Fulton Schools of Engineering, Arizona State University, [email protected]

Viv Bell
Academic Skills Consultant, University of Salford, [email protected]

Gwynn Benner
Assistant Vice Provost,  Division of Student Success, University of California, Santa Cruz, [email protected]

Lanice Bennet
Assistant Director, Student Counseling Service, Texas A&M University, [email protected]

Brad Berky
Director, Westmont in San Francisco, Westmont College, [email protected]

Bianca Bernstein
Professor, Counseling & Counseling Psychology, Arizona State University, [email protected]

Kimberly Bethea
Director, Academic Resource Center, Duke University, [email protected]

Rahul Bhat
Learning Strategist & Project Lead, Resilience Project, Academic Success Centre, University of Toronto Scarborough, [email protected]

Marianne Biangone
Academic Director, Pre-Licensure Nursing Programs, Samuel Merritt University, [email protected] 

Donna Bickford 
Executive Director, Office of Equity and Inclusivity, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Dickinson College, [email protected]

Laura Bidegain
Career Development, Career Development Center, Universidad de San Andres, [email protected]

Marian Binder
Director, Counseling and Psychological Services, University of Arizona, [email protected]

Lydia  Bleasdale
Law, University of Leeds, UK [email protected]

Kim Bock
Associate Director, Office of Academic Advising, University of Northern Iowa , [email protected]

Phyllis Bolling
Director, Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, New Jersey Institute of Technology, [email protected]

Kristin Boswell-Ford
Chaplain to the Institute and Director, Office of Religious Life, Office of Religious Life, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, [email protected]

Jane Bourhill
Retention Coordinator, College of Saint Elizabeth, [email protected]

Michelle Bowdler
Executive Director, Health & Wellness Services, Tufts University, [email protected]

Melanie Bowman
Manager, Wellness Education & Promotion, Student Wellness, University of Guelph, [email protected]

Peggy Boylan-Ashraf
Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering, San Jose State University, [email protected]

Kathy Bradley
Director of Counseling, Gettysburg College, [email protected]

Aaron Bravrman
Student Wellness Coordinator/Non-Academic Counselor, University of Texas at Austin, [email protected] 

T.J. Brecciaroli
Dean of Students, Ball State University, [email protected]

Diana Brecher
CLinical Psychologist, Psychology Department,Ryerson University, [email protected]

Dana Brown
Class Dean and Admission Assistant, Student Services, Choate Rosemary Hall, [email protected]

Brianna Boland
Graduate Student, Office of Respect, Emory University, [email protected]

Kate Brindisi
Coordiinator, Academic Success Center, College of Saint Elizabeth, [email protected] 

Melissa Brocato 
Assistant Vice Provost and Executive Director Center for Academic Success, Louisiana State University, [email protected]

Monica Brooker
Equity and Inclusion, New York Police Department, [email protected]

Laurie Brookner
RN Manager, Student Health, UC Hastings College of the Law, [email protected]

Anne Browning
Special Assistant to the Vice Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs & Founding Director of the UW Resilience LabDirector, Academic Support Programs, University of Washington, [email protected]

Marissa Buccilli
Academic Advising Fellow, Academic Advising, Elon University, [email protected]

John Burdick
Associate Director of Academic Support, College of Arts and Science: Advising, New York University, [email protected]

Cathy Buyarski
Executive Associate Dean, University College, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, [email protected]

Rich Caccamo
Coordinator, Orientation Initiatives, Office of Residence Education & Programs,  Western University,
[email protected]

Mary Lee Caldwell
Director of Mentoring, Resilience, and Citizenship, Student Life, The University of Alabama, [email protected]

Rebecca Caldwell
Director, Strategic Health Initiatives, Student Health Services, University of South Carolina, [email protected]

James Campbell
Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs, Providence College, [email protected]

Kristine Campbell
Licensed Professional Counselor & Wellness Workshop Coordinator, University Counseling Center, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, [email protected]

Carolyn Canini
Director of Behavioral Health Programs, West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, [email protected]

Jessica Cannon
Program Director for Health Promotion and Education, Well-Woman Health Promotion Program, Barnard College, [email protected]

Magali Carrera
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost, Academic Affairs, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, [email protected]

Janet Casey
Director of the First Year Experience and Professor of English, First Year Experience, Skidmore College, [email protected]

Simon Cassidy
Directorate of Psychology and Public Health, University of Salford, University of Salford, UK, [email protected]

Timea Ceglédi
University of Debrecen, Hungary, [email protected]

Hui-Ling Chan
Director, Housing, UC Merced, [email protected]

Lenis Chen-Edinboro
Assistant Professor, Public Health Studies, School of Health and Applied Human Sciences, University of North Carolina Wilmington, [email protected]

Katie Clare
Associate Director of Resilience Programs, University Life/Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, George Mason University, [email protected] 

Tiffany Clark
Coordinator, Science Center, Saint Joseph's University, [email protected]

Myrna Cohen
(retired) Executive Director, Weingarten Learning Resources Center, University of Pennsylvania, [email protected]

Michelle Cohenour
Director of Student Success Initiatives, Paul L. Foster Success Center, Baylor University, [email protected]

Lauren Colglazier
Associate Director, Kelley School of Business Undergraduate Program, Indiana University, [email protected]

Jan Collins-Eaglin
Interim Vice President and Dean of Students, Pomona College, [email protected]

Sarah Connor
Clinical Counselor, Student Counseling Services/Student Health & Wellness, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, [email protected]

Samantha Conway
Senior Program Coordinator, Health Promotion and Wellness, Northwestern University, [email protected]

Carrie Cook
Professor of English, Composition Program and Writing Center, Georgetown College, [email protected]

Tyheem Cooper
Ph.D. Student and Residential Life Coordinator, Office of Residential Life, Indiana State University, [email protected]

Jillian Cooper-Richardson
Staff Psychologist, Student Counseling Services, Illinois State University, [email protected]

Karen Costa
Writer, Adjunct Faculty, Faculty Development, Self-employed/Freelance, SNHU, UMUC, Faculty Guild, Women in Higher Education,  [email protected]

Carol Cotter
Interim Director Counseling & Career Services, Adams State University, [email protected]

Kristen Covino
Assistant Dean for Residential Outreach & Education, Residential Education, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, [email protected]

Jonathan Coward
Deputy Principal, Southbank International School, Southbank International School, [email protected]

Sarah Cox
Senior Coordinator Success and Retention, La Trobe University, [email protected]

Janice Craft
Assistant Professor of Legal Practice, University of Richmond School of Law,  [email protected]

Bryce Crapser
Director, Counseling adn Psychological Services, Eastern Connecticut State University, [email protected]

Amy Crowley-Gonsoulin
Adjunct Faculty, Director, MDC Online Faculty Support, Miami Dade College, [email protected][email protected]

Amanda Curtin Soydan
Assistant Director, Academic Resource Center, Duke University, [email protected]

Tory Cutting
Health Educator, Center for Cura Personalis, Gonzaga University, [email protected]

Brian Cuzzolina
Assistant Dean of the College & Director, Office of Academic Resources, Haverford College, [email protected]