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Arizona State University

  • ASU CareerWise.  Personal resilience resource for graduate women in science and engineering.

Baylor University

Cornell University

Duke University

Elon University

  • Phoenix Flops. A documentary short about overcoming failure and being resilient.

Harvard University     (*Harvard closed the Bureau of Study Counsel and discontinued the Success-Failure Project in 2020.)

  • The Success-Failure Project.  Bureau of Study Counsel Harvard University* 
  • First-Gen Voices.  The Success-Failure Project and Story Corps - Harvard University* 
  • How to Have a Really Successful Failure.  The Success-Failure Project, Harvard University* 
  • Reflections on Rejections.  The Success-Failure Project, Harvard University* 
  • Alumni Interview Project. The Success-Failure Project, Harvard University* 
  • Commencement Speech for the Harvard Class of 2000.  Conan O'Brien Harvard University
  • The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination.  JK Rowling, Harvard Magazine, Harvard University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Portraits of Resilience At once a photo essay and a compendium of life stories, Portraits of Resilience brings us face to face with twenty-two extraordinary individuals, celebrating the wisdom they have gained on the front line of a contemporary battle.

Northwestern University

Princeton University

Smith College

  • Navigating College With Resilience. A series of videos interviewing students about topics such as struggling with academic interests, managing time, and going out of state for college.

St. Joseph's University

  • Rebound Program. Saint Joseph's University program for academically challenged first-year students.

Stanford University

Tulane University

  • The Story of FailureCross campus collaboration to support students in normalizing failure and growing resilience.

University of Minnesota 

  • Advice for Students. YouTube Series of student narratives resulting from a semester-long academic course for students on probation.  

University of Otago

University of Pennsylvania

  • PennFaces - The Resilience Project University of Pensylvania.  Stories of successes and failures, ups and downs, hardships and self-discoveries - fostering resilience and open dialigue on campus.

University of Toronto Scarborough

  • Strengths-Based ResilienceThe Strengths-Based Resilience program is designed to help you develop resilience, defined as the ability to cope with adversity. The program invites you to reflect actively on your experiences that demonstrate various aspects of your resilience.

University of Washington

Other Resources

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The links in the Resource Library have been submitted by members of the Academic Resilience Consortium and represent resilience-related activities on their campuses -- programs, research, handouts, online materials, etc.  If you are a member of the Academic Resilience Consortium and would like to submit a link to the Resources Library, or to add/edit links you have already submitted, click here.

Resources below are listed alphabetically by school. As you browse, it might be helpful to consider each link in terms of:

  • TOPIC (e.g., academics, career/major, motivation/meaning/purpose, personal development, personalityattitudes, rejection/adversity, self-care/coping, social justice, and issues of success and failure),
  • TYPE (e.g., assessment tools, courses or class assignments, events/displays, handouts/presentations, articles/reports/research, news/PR, programs/interventions, quotable quotes, videos/interviews/narratives, and website/blogs/podcasts), and
  • SETTING (e.g., large or small institution, designed for a particular student population, etc.