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2021 Elections Process

2021: Launch of Member-Elected Leadership

Until now, the ARC has been led by an informal steering committee composed of four of the 10 founding members.  As of 2021, however, the leadership of the ARC will be assumed by a member-elected Steering Committee within a larger member-elected Leadership Council, with procedures in place for continuity of leadership elections and transitions into the future. 

This is an exciting time in the development of the ARC as an organization, including opportunities for more members to assume leadership roles.  Members interested in participating in the ARC leadership are warmly invited to consult with any of the current steering committee members about any questions they might have.

In order to establish overlapping terms, the inaugural term durations of the Steering Committee and Leadership Council positions will be: SC Chair, 2 years; SC Vice Chair, 1 year; SC Secretary, 2 years; SC Treasurer, 1 year; four professional LC Members, 2 years; three professional LC members, 1 yr; two student LC members, 1 year; 2 student LC members, 2 years. The requirement of prior experience on the LC is waived.

There are 15 open seats for the 2021 Leadership Council elections:

  • LC Steering Committee: Chair
  • LC Steering Committee:  Vice Chair
  • LC Steering Committee: Secretary
  • LC Steering Committee:  Treasurer
  • 7 LC Members: Professionals in Higher Education
  • 2 LC Members: Undergraduate Students
  • 2 LC Members: Graduate Students

2021 Elections Process

Current members may nominate themselves and others for seats. After collecting nominations, nominees will be asked to submit a very brief bio which will be posted online. Election ballots will be emailed to all members. Once voting closes, the co-directors will tabulate results, inform candidates, email result and post them online.


Nomination webforms will also be distributed to all members via email on January 4, 2021.

Deadline for online nominations is 5:00pm Eastern.

VOTING OPEN: Monday 1/25/21 
Nominee bios/statements and webform ballots are distributed to all members via email.

VOTING CLOSED: Wednesday 2/03/21 
Deadline for online voting is 5:00pm Eastern.

Members are informed of election results via email and ARC website.

First meeting of Steering Committee will be in late February 2021.


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Dear ARC Friends and Colleagues,

All of us have been affected, personally and professionally, by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as well as the heightened awareness and activism emerging in the US and around the world in response to incidents of racism and violence. These are times that call for extraordinary resilience on the part of our students, ourselves, our institutions, and our society.

The Academic Resilience Consortium stands with Black Lives Matter to oppose systemic racism, to grieve for victims of racial violence and police brutality, and to achieve justice and equity.

We send you courage and hope as we all navigate these waters, engage our resilience, and create new ways to care for ourselves and others.

- Abigail, Adina, Myrna, and Nic
ARC Steering Committee