2018 Symposium on Academic Resilience in Higher Education


[Links are being updated as materials continue to be submitted. Programs are listed in the order in which they were offered at the Synposium.]

The Stepped-Care Philosophy for Promoting Resilience In and Out of Clinical Settings
Justin Jacques, George Washington University

Resilience Consultations with the UAB Honors College: Results,Themes & Implications
Sarah Connor, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

“This Is Me”; Music Video from the Carleton Phoenix Project
Nate Page, Carleton College

Connecting Life and Learning: Designing Courses to Address Well-Being
Mindy McWilliams, Georgetown University

A Brief Mindfulness Intervention for Doctor of Physical Therapy Students
Heidi Freeman, University of the Sciences

Adulting is Hard: Design and Implementation of a Social Norms Poster Campaign for Student Resilience
Janie Egan, Temple University

Can We Build Resilience in Students without Building Coping Skills First?
Emily Forte, Saint Joseph's University

Using Self-Reflection and Values Affirmation to Enhance Student Resilience
Jen Bokaer-Smith, Cornell University

Resilience in Action at the University of Toronto
Chad Jankowski, University of Toronto

Building Resilience in College Students Using Mindfulness-Based Interventions
Marilia Marien, University of Pennsylvania

The Student Resilience and Well-Being Project: A Four-Institution Research/Practice Partnership
Molly Weeks, Duke University

What Needs to Be Difficult and Why? A Critical Study of How Undergraduate Resilience Might be Supported and Undermined at an Institutional and Individual Level  
Lydia Bleasdale, University of Leeds

Strengths-Based Resilience: An Intervention to Cultivate Resilience in Post-Secondary Settings
Tayyab Rashid, University of Toronto Scarborough UTSC

Building Self Compassion as a Foundation for Psychological Resilience
Amy Honigman, University of California at Berkeley

An Integrative Approach: Infusing Resilience into Curricular and Co-curricular Spaces Across Campus
Anne Browning, University of Washington

Building a PATH - An Integrated Tool for Developing the Skills for Peak Performance
Joseph Holtgreive, Northwestern University

The Student Support Crew- A Program for Resilience and Retention After Academic Probation
Ismaa Al Aloul, American University of Sharjah

"I Never Lose": Key Performance Psychology Concepts & Coaching Techniques for Academic Resilience
Paul Furtaw

The Power of Student Stories: Developing a Campus-wide Resilience Program
Julia Mani, Brandeis University

"It Made My Story Feel Important": Digital Storytelling as a Resilience-Building Intervention
Jessica Bacal, Smith College

"I am still here": Collecting Narratives Around Resilience for Underrepresented Student Populations"
Brian Cuzzolina, Haverford College

CareerWISE: An Online Resilience Training Program for Graduate Women in Science and Engineering
Bianca Bernstein, Arizona State University

The FSU Student Resilience Project: Interactive Online Training on Trauma and Resilience Skills
Karen Oehme, Florida State University

Promoting Resiliency in Student Veterans through a Veterans PSY 101 Course and a Mindfulness Retreat
Deborah Greenspan, Montgomery County Community College

Happiness Hygiene: A Workshop to Enhance Student Flourishing and Resilience
Julian Wright, The University of the South

Student Success, Persistence, and Resiliency: Mentoring College Students at Risk
Liz Prince, University of Georgia

Investigating Parenting Style and College Student Grit: Beyond Resilience
Kelly Dunn, Johnson & Wales University

Developing our Own Resilience to Perfectionism and Shame as Faculty and Staff Members
Nate Page, Carleton College

Resilience Interventions for University Students: Surveying the Research Landscape
Caroline Umeda, Dominican University