2018 Symposium on Academic Resilience in Higher Education

The goal of the 2018 Symposium on Academic Resilience was to bring together members of the Consortium to share ideas, have conversations, and learn from colleagues, in ways that forward our work in higher education.

The symposium was  designed to surface and explore questions that have emerged in our work, for example:

  • How do we define resilience, particularly academic resilience?
  • How do we understand resilience in the context of diverse identities and experiences?
  • How do we assess and promote resilience?
  • How do different perspectives from academic and student affairs approach and support students in developing resilience? 
  • What are we doing on ourcampuses to support student resilience?

The Symposium provided the opportunity for professionals across multiple disciplines in higher education to come together to learn, network, and share their knowledge and experience on the topic of student resilience in higher education.

Student participants at the 2018 Symposium on Academic Resilience in Higher Education


Adina Glickman [Chair], Stanford University
Abigail Lipson [Associate Chair], Harvard University (retired)
Myrna Cohen [Venue], University of Pennsylvania (retired)
Dominic Voge [Program], Princeton Unviersity

Michael Brody [Program], Reed College
Amy Honigman [Communications], UC/Berkeley
Tayyab Rashid [Assessment], University of Toronto
Sindhu Revuluri, Harvard University

The Academic Resilience Consortium is planning to offer local and national/international symposia in the future, pending funding.  


Upcoming ARC Symposium