Private and group lessons are available. Weekend clinics and golf school programs are scheduled throughout the year. There are even programs and events designed for families that enjoy playing together.









Robert Raab
Assistant Director, Office of First Year Success, Oklahoma State University,

Marcela Rabadan
Professor, Department of Languages, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México,

Amber Racchini
Assistant Professor, Developmental Studies, Indiana University of PA,

Karen Ramirez
Professor, CU Dialogues Program and Miramontes Arts and Sciences Program, University of Colorado Boulder,

Tayyab Rashid
Psychotherapist and Clinical Researcher, Health & Wellness Centre, Graduate Program in Psychological Science, University of Toronto Scarborough,

Roopa Rawjee
Assistant Dean/Director, International Student Services, University of Wisconsin-Madison,

Merideth Ray
Associate Director for Academic Support, Academic Support, Undergraduate Education, Emory University,

Cathy Raynis Meeker
Associate Director, First Year Experience, Center for Academic Excellence, Pace University, Pleasantville, NY,

Tracey Recigno
Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapist, Department of Occupational Therapy, Thomas Jefferson University,

Julia Reed
LCSW, Center for Counseling and Well-Being, University of Central Oklahoma,

Sheila Reindl 
Psychologist, (retired associate director, Bureau of Study Counsel, Harvard University),

Dawn Remmers
Assistant Provost for Student Success, University of North Texas at Dallas,

M. Suzanne Renna 
(retired Associate Director, Bureau of Study Counsel, Harvard University),

Alexandra Ressing
Academic Advisor for Persistence and Retention, Information Science, Northeastern University,

Kimberly Reynolds
Mental Health Promotion & Suicide Prevention Coordinator, Counseling & Psychological Services, University of Kansas,

Nancy Reynolds
Program Director, Center for Health Promotion, Ithaca College,

Tammy Rhodes
Director, Academic Support & FYE, University Success Center, University of North Alabama,

Jacquelyn Richardson
Graduate Student, Higher Education and Student Development, Employer Events and Teaching Assistant, University Career Services, George Mason University,

BJ  Roach
Career Counselor, Career Center, Student Life, University of Maine,

Farrah Roberts
Director of Student Well-Being and Resiliency, Augustana College,

Adam Robinson
Executive Director, Rape Victim Advocacy Program, University of Iowa

Gary Robinson
Director of Counseling Services, Student Affairs, Hartwick College,

Beatriz Rodriguez
Faculty Advisor, Transitional Studies and College Success, Everett Community College,

Jordan Rogers
Graduate Research Assistant, Career Connect, University of North Texas,

Tyler Rollins
Research Analyst, Institutional Research, American River College,

Michelle Roppeau
Director of First Year and Undeclared Advising, Office of Undergraduate Education, University of California, Merced,

Manuel Rosa
Professor and Advisor, Education Department, Keiser University,

Kela Rosario
Staff Counselor, Cook Counseling Center, Virginia Tech,

Katherine Ruger
Associate Dean, Admissions & Student Life, Michigan State University (College of Osteopathic Medicine),

Pamela Runge
Manager for the Learning Center, Harford Community College,

Bryan Russell
Student Development Specialist/Learning Specialist, Discovery Scholars Program, University of Texas,

Becca Salay
Associate Director, Undergraduate Student Services, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University,

Rogelio Salazar
Faculty Fellow Tutoring Academic & Support Center (Retention Services), MiraCosta College,

Joe Salvatore
Director, Science Learning Center, University of Michigan,

Darlene Samson
Director, TRIO Student Support Services, University of Montana,

Janet Sand
Emeritus Faculty, Stanley H.King Counseling Institute,

Lindsay Sauers
Psychologist and Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling & Psychological Services, West Chester University,

Kirti Sawhney Celly
Professor, Senator, Academic Senate of the California State University College of Business Administration & Public Policy,

Edesa Scarborough
Director, First- Year Experience, Center For Teaching and Learning, The University of Tampa,

Damian Scarf
Lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of Otago,

Melissa Schreibstein
Director of Well-Being Programs, Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, George Mason University,

Alanah Scott
Administration Officer (Peer Mentor Coordinator), Health Student Support Services, Deakin University,

April Scott 
Associate Director of Mental Health Initiatives, Health/Counseling/Mental Health, University of South Carolina,

Linda Scuiletti
Vice President of Assessment, Planning & Research, Institutional Effectiveness, Central Carolina Community College,

Casey Sechler
Lecturer, Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics, Arizona State University,

Heather Servaty-Seib
Associate Dean of Student Life, Purdue Honors College, Purdue University,

Crystal Shadwell
Coordinator, Strategies for Academic Success, Dean of Arts Office, Wilfrid Laurier University,

Deena Shaffer
Coordinator, Student Transitions & Retention, ThriveRU, Special Projects, Student Affairs, Ryerson University,

Darshita Shah
Senior Associate Director for Teaching and Learning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

Tabish Shamsi
Staff Psychologist, Coordinator of Academic Skills Assessment Program,

Susan Shapiro
Director, Student Disabilities Services, Weingarten Learning Resources Center, University of Pennsylvania,

Laura Shell
Associate Director, Big Red Resilience & Well-being, University of Nebraska-Lincoln,

Joseph Shively
Associate Dean, Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences, Oakland University,

David Shor
Director of Clinical Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Northwestern University,

Kami Sidman
Staff Clinicia and Law School Liaison, Counseling and Psychological Services, George Washington University,

Joette Siertle
Academic Services Specialist: Early Alert, Academic Success, Pennsylvania College of Technology,

Abraao Silva
Undergraduate Student, Alfredo Nasser University, Brazil,

Hil Simon  
Social and Emotional Learning Analyst, Health/Counseling/Mental Health, Western Governors University,

Justina Siuba
Coordinator, Stress Management Program, Health/Counseling/Mental Health, University of South Carolina, 

Pei Ying Sim
Consultant, Centre for Public Health, King's College London,

Marcia Sisk
Director of Health Promotions, Student Affairs, Cornell College,

Justina Siuba 
Stress Management Program Coordinator, Student Health Services, University of South Carolina,

Kayle  Skorupski
Assistant Professor of Practice, Nutritional Sciences Department, University of Arizona ,

Hayley Skulborstad
Assistant Professor, Psychology, Mount Ida College,

Allison Smith
Assistant Director, Population Health, New York University,

Danielle Smith 
First-Year Engagement Coordinator, Center for Community Learning, Western Washington University,

Betsy Smith
Director, Counseling and Wellness, Massachusetts College of Art and Design,

Lucy Smith
Deputy Head of Counselling, University of Limerick, University of Limerick,

Dustin Smucker
Associate Director of Recreation, Athletics & Recreation, University of California Santa Cruz,

Sara Solloway
Assistant Dean of Student Academic Success, Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA), University of San Francisco,

Amy Soud
Resource Specialist for Athletics, Humanities, Social Science, Education, Kinesiology & Athletics, San Joaquin Delta College,

Brad Spielman
Associate Provost. Student Services, Des Moines Area Community College,

Sharon Stead
Director, Middle Earth, Student Housing, University of California, Irvine,

Jenny Steiner
Cooridnator, Student Academic Success Services, University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities,

Monica St. George
Counselor & Community Engagement Coordinator, Student Counseling Center, Jacksonville University,

Dianna Stencel
Clinical Social Worker, Wellness Center, Loyola University Chicago,

Brandon Stephan
Graduate Student, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, School of Arts & Science, University of Pennsylvania,

Eileen Stone
Director, Wellness & Prevention Services, University of Connecticut,

Leslie Sukup  Assistant Professor of Management, Management Faculty, Ferris State University,

Seema Sunny 
Asst. Professor, Dept. of Social Work, Research Scholar, St. Thomas College, Thrissur, Kerala, India,

Niraj Swami
Head of Health Professions Education, Health Professions Education Unit - Academic Department, Fiji National University,

Laura Swanson
Counselor, Health/Counseling/Mental Health, SUNY Geneseo,